PCR - Diagnostic & and Cytology: Cost-Effective and Reliable (Bio-) Medical Testing

MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS GEORGIA has been funded in 2013 with the idea to establish a well organized network of clinical physicians, scientists and diagnostic laboratories, as well as manufacturers and distributors of diagnostic products.


We strongly believe that only such combination of expertise will allow to translate most recent findings in biological sciences, engineering and medicine into advanced biomolecular analytics, optimized diagnostic procedures and innovative therapies to be offered in Georgia.


One of our major aims is the development and introduction of significantly improved diagnostic procedures allowing application of optimal therapeutic interventions as early as possible to prevent further disease progression. Importantly, it is always our goal to establish and provide high quality diagnostic products and state-of-the-art diagnostic services for reasonable prices that will allow improved medical care also for less privileged patients.

Of course, our network‘s success strongly depends on the commitment and knowledge of its members and staff. To fulfill this vision MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS GEORGIA encourages its partners and highly motivated individuals to continuously provide you with the best possible products, services and support.