Modern Molecular Diagnostics: Information for Patients

Many straining, painful or even life threatening diseases, independent of whether they are caused by infections, environmental factors or simply by aging, can be treated in our days if recognized early enough. The huge advances in modern medicine do not only include new drugs, improved technical equipment or surgical procedures, but especially a wide range of novel diagnostic procedures, many of them based on developments in molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics.


Such diagnostic procedures allow for early diagnosis even in the absence of clinically visible symptoms, but typically require highly skilled personnel and cause considerable expenses. Due to the increasing complexity of such diagnostic procedures, there is currently a favorable trend towards the creation of large specialized diagnostic centers that are able to provide high quality diagnoses in a short time applying the full range of modern laboratory techniques available.


Based on most recent scientific discoveries in biomedicine, we have developed reliable assays that enable highly sensitive and early detection of various disorders with a special focus on infectious including sexually transmitted diseases. In order to provide access to our diagnostics also for less privileged patients, we always try to offer our services for the most reasonable price possible.


Here we are offering basic acknowledge about the applied diagnostic technologies and provide detailed information about common diseases that are addressed by our diagnostic services. We hope that this will contribute to further sensitizing not only responsible physicians but also affected patients for the importance of early diagnosis.


In the following we have listed comprehensible information on the diseases, infections and pathogens that are detected by our diagnostic tests. However, no warranty for correctness can be given. Also please keep in mind that this information cannot replace the consultance of a physician for final diagnosis and choice of the most adequate treatment.


Our Website is still under construction and helpful information for patients is continuously extended and updated.