Molecular Diagnostics Lab Tbilisi: Your Partner in PCR Diagnostics and Cytology

MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS LAB TBILISI is a licensed diagnostic laboratory that offers PCR-based diagnostic tests for clinics and medical practices in the area of Tbilisi and eastern regions of Georgia.


MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS LAB TBILISI offers state of the art medical diagnostics based on certified diagnostic test kits produced by European providers or developed, manufactured and certified in Georgia. MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS LAB TBILISI was founded in 2011 and was licensed by the Georgian Ministry of Health in 2013.


Our diagnostic procedures have been standardized and optimized in collaboration with well-known German scientists and comply with the best practices and manufacturing standards. 

Our aim is to improve people’s lives in Georgia and contribute to significant healthcare cost savings by developing and offering reliable diagnostic tools for the early detection of a variety of diseases with a strong focus on sexually transmitted infections, which, if not treated adequately at an early stage, can cause irreversible injuries and ultimately death.